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Kate Vickers - Freelance Riding Instructor / Groom / Equine Physical Therapist - South Lincolnshire

About Me

I have been interested in, and riding horses since a young age. I have worked at a selection of different yards including rescue centres, riding schools, trekking centres, dealers and competition yards. I have been teaching for many years, both in riding schools and on a freelance basis. As well as working in equestrian environments I have a lot of experience working within the education sector. I now work on a freelance basis as an instructor, groom and massage therapist, as well as previously being a welfare representative for the BHS.

I enjoy extending my education, increasing my knowledge on riding and horse care, and working my way up the qualifications ladder. I have completed my British Horse Society Preliminary Teaching TestStage 3 Grooms Certificate and I have also gained my UKCC Level 2 (Coaching Certificate).  Alongside my BHS qualifications, I also have a selection of WTRA (Wales Trekking and Riding Association) qualifications, including being a qualified Trek Leader. I have also completed a Stage 4 level equine behaviour course and an equine anatomy course through TOCES. Alongside my grooms and instructors qualifications I am also an equine physical therapist (see link to my other website for details). I am fully insured through my registration on the BHS Register of Instructors, I have an up to date DBS,  I am a qualified first aider and have attended Child Protection training.

To continue my professional development I have regular riding lessons on my own horse, as well as regularly observing experienced instructors / trainers, attending training days, clinics and events including......

Saddle Fitting, Modern Bitting, Training the Competition Rider, Advanced Lungeing, Free Schooling, Child Protection (BHS/BEF), Equine Physiotherapy, Pilates for Riders, How the Ridden Horse Learns, Grassland Management, Farriery and common problems, Modern Dietary Problems including EMS, Bio-mechanics of Jumping, Clinics given by professional riders and trainers.


Equine Qualifications











Preliminary Teaching Certificate 

Horse Knowledge and Care Stage Three - Grooms Certificate

Horse Knowledge, Care and Riding Stages One and Two

Riding and Road Safety

Equine Specific First Aid


Level 2 Certificate in Coaching (Generic Riding)




Certificate Equine Behavioural Science and Evolution (Distinction)

Certificate Equine Anatomy & Physiology (Distinction)


British Equestrian Federation Safeguarding and Protecting Children





Welsh Trekking and Riding Association - Trek Leader, Trek Escort & Stable Assistant